P2NP 1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene is a chemical compound with the chemical formula is C9H9NO2. It can be produced by the reaction of benzaldehyde and nitroethane in the presence of a basic catalyst. In this reaction, the base deprotonates nitroethane to form a resonance stabilized anion. This anion nucleophilically adds to the aldehyde forming a beta nitro alcohol, which is subsequently dehydrated to yield the nitroalkene. This reaction is known as a nitroaldol reaction.

Additional Information
IUPAC name


Other names

P2NP, β-methyl-β-nitropropene, (2-Nitro-1-propenyl)benzene





ECHA InfoCard


PubChem CID


Chemical formula


Molar mass

163.17 g mol−1



Melting point

64 to 66 °C (147 to 151 °F; 337 to 339 K)


R22, R36/37/38

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