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About us


RESEARCH CHEM VENDOR was founded in 2012. Our team consists of eager, young, highly motivated employees who want to make the world better through participation in this project. We specialise in both the sale of pharmaceutical goods and in consultation services, helping our clients to progress with their projects in the most efficient and cost effective ways. Our products range from high grade chemical reagents to research chemicals, plant extracts and laboratory equipment.

Our main market is Europe and U.S.A, recently some developing countries in southern Africa. We take great pride in the fact that our ability to ship quickly is helping deliver life saving chemicals to the people that need them most at prices they can afford.

RESEARCH CHEM VENDOR offer a huge selection of the latest research chemicals. Our customers include many international research institutions, analytical laboratories as well the private sector. Our companies pledge to provide the best service to our customers means that if we do not stock the chemical you require, we can always offer private synthesis.

The main focus of our activities is to be able to offer our products at affordable prices, while never compromising on quality. Our products are always, without exception, delivered at industry standard, reagent grade purities.

As a company we always find innovative ways to provide the kind of care and service we think our customers desire. For example, patients suffering from cancer or Tourettes syndrome can often struggle to get the treatment they require (THC) due to restrictions. In response, we have made it our mission to develop legal alternatives to THC and bring them to market fast. We also ensure our shipping facilities allow us to get the product to you as quick as possible with your privacy in mind.

Our customers privacy is of paramount importance to us. We offer encrypted communication you should want a confidential treatment of your client’s request. In addition to the more common payment method we also offer on request a number of anonymous approaches to payment should you wish to keep your identity private.

Our company is about our customers, and we will do all we can to provide the level of service and support we think you deserve.