ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) gives many problems not only to owner, but also the people around. Hyperactivity, impulsiveness can be individual qualities of temperament and do not imply any abnormalities or developmental disorders. However, if this excessive activity is combined in children with violated active attention, parents and teachers are faced with a particular problem, the name of which ADHDs. Such a child stands out against a background of other children.

These children are not sitting even for a minute, respond to any noise, turning their heads in all directions, do not finish one thing till the end and have already taken for the second, do not listen to adults and peers. The problem with ADHD begins when child goes to kindergarten. School troubles will only increase, if you do not begin psycho-diagnostic and remedial work with a kid, then later in life it will be difficult. The first hyperactivity symptoms ADHDs appear before 7 years, in boys this syndrome is more common than in girls. The external manifestations of hyperactivity include inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, increased motor activity. Typically intellectual ability of these kids are not dependent on the degree of hyperactivity, in some cases even exceed the age limit.

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