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1-acetyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as ALD-52 or Orange Sunshine Acid, is a LSD-analogue non-regulated by law.

As it is a homologue to 1P-LSD it is much comparable to LSD-25. With the introduction of ALD-52 onto the fine chemical market researchers can intensify their research about lysergamides.

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1A LSD 100mcg ALD-52, N-acetyl-LSD, 1-Acetyl-LSD, 1-Acetyl-N, N-diethyllysergamide is an analogue of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). It was tested originally from Albert Hoffmann in 60`ern in studies of the lysergic acid-related substances, but not further explored. The reason was, among other things, the instability of this compound, which required it cool and store in solution. In addition, ALD-52 decays upon contact with water in LSD and acetic acid. So 1A LSD ALD 52 100mcg never achieved the popularity of LSD.

Some reports claimed it was said to be the active substance in the legendary “Orange Sunshine” trips, which were widespread in California 1968-69. They were produced in Sonoma County underground chemistry lab of Tim Scully and Nicholas Sand. It was closed by the police and Scully was arrested and charged. This was the first case when it came to an analog substance was not listed and from the perspective of producers therefore legal. But the prosecution claimed that the reasoning is not convincing, mainly is because it believed that ALD-52 hydrolyses directly after taking the banned LSD and can 1A-LSD ALD-52 100mcg chemically synthesized only from LSD. The Court dismissed this argument. Scully was convicted and spent several years in prison.


50-170mg orally


The effect is the same as described in LSD. Some vague reports describe the trip a little softer than LSD, but are quite subjective sensations and has no significance in the comparison of the two substances.

Addiction causing potential


Documented emergencies per year


Additional Information

1-Acetyl-N,N-diethyllysergamide, ALD, N-acetyl-LSD, Acetyl lysergic acid diethylamide, d-acetyl lysergic acid diethylamide, d-acetyldiethyllysergamide





Molecular weight

365.469 g/mol



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