JWH-018 Cannabimimetic indoles, including certain “JWH” compounds, have been identified in herbal blends.1 Hydroxylated and glucuronidated metabolites of two closely-related compounds, JWH 015 and JWH 018, have been identified from in vitro liver microsomal metabolism and from urine, respectively.2,3,4 JWH 081 is a cannabimimetic indole that is structurally- and functionally-related to JWH 015 and JWH 018. JWH 081 N-(5-hydroxypentyl) metabolite is expected to be a metabolite of JWH 081 that would be detectable both in serum and in urine.

Additional Information






Molecular weight

371.47 g/mol




white yellow powder


≥ 99%

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